Selling aspiration to the City of Lights

Long before the shopping malls and flashy TV, Newspaper adverts


has been selling aspirations to the city of lights for almost 125 years.


Lafayette gallery represents ultimate in luxury. All top beauty and cosmetic brands are present here and aspire to woo customers with their latest offerings. Fashion and luxury are not my cup of tea and so I decided to take quick detour to the roof-top. I must say I was not expecting much, as the building is not very tall, but because its located in the city centre, I got fabulous 360 degree view of the beautiful city of lights in the daylight. I definitely will spend a lot of time in the gallery. My several upcoming posts will have photos taken from the roof-top of Lafayette Gallery, for now enjoy the below picture. I experimented with several tones, hue, saturation levels, including monochrome and I loved almost every version.  I really wanted to capture lot more details, but sun was particularly bright for December and Sky was fairly dull and boring.





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